👋 Hi friends–

I'm Tom. I'm a presentation designer and marketing manager with an MBA from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. There's nothing more than I love than a great presentation. Not just the TED talk or Steve Jobs type of presentation. Those are well-known and obviously inspiring.

I love the business presentation. The one that is usually delivered in a medium-sized conference room with 10 other people where you bring 10 printed-out copies and project the PowerPoint (or Google Slides) onto the large 86-inch TV at the end of the room. The one that starts off with the current situation,  introduces a problem, walks step-by-step through a brilliant analysis, and leads to a clear recommendation and path forward.

But that's just one kind of business presentation. There are many more. What they all have in common is that they are the culmination of hours of researching, analyzing, thinking, storyboarding, writing, re-writing, editing, designing, rehearsing, and stressing (hopefully just enough to be productive). Finally, it ends with the presentation itself which can build your personal brand, launch new products and services, or even turn around a boring, has-been brand into a billion-dollar brand.

On this blog, I want to share business presentations that inspire me. I want to share presentations I've worked on that might inspire you. I know that by reading this blog, you will learn tips and strategies that will make you better at crafting and delivering 💯💯💯 business presentations. From preparing the slides to giving the final, live presentation in person. Your co-workers might even start calling you PowerPoint Picasso.

Presentation enthusiast,


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