How to Prompt ChatGPT while using PowerPoint

Enhance your PowerPoint presentations using ChatGPT—create content, brainstorm, optimize language, and improve delivery. Follow the guided steps.
How to Prompt ChatGPT while using PowerPoint
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PowerPoint presentations are a staple in our everyday life, serving as a  tool to communicate ideas, data, and strategies. I live in PowerPoint. Seriously. But did you know you can elevate your PowerPoint game by integrating the language capabilities of ChatGPT? That's right! ChatGPT, the advanced language model developed by OpenAI, can help you generate content, brainstorm ideas, and even fine-tune your presentation language.

In this post, I'm going to walk you through the steps to effectively prompt ChatGPT while working on your PowerPoint presentations. Whether you're looking for creative slide titles, persuasive talking points, or concise bullet points, ChatGPT is here to assist. Let's get started!

Step 1: Start with the goal ✍️💭

Define Your Presentation Goals and Content Needs Before diving into ChatGPT. It's important to define the goals of your presentation and identify the specific content areas where ChatGPT can lend a hand. Are you preparing a marketing pitch, a project update, or a training session? Knowing the purpose of your presentation will help you tailor your prompts to ChatGPT and get the most relevant and impactful responses.

Ten ChatGPT Prompts to help find a goal

  1. Marketing Pitch for a New Fitness App: I'm preparing a marketing pitch to promote our new fitness app called "FitLife." Our target audience is health-conscious individuals aged 18-35. What should be the primary goals of my presentation, and what key content areas should I include to make the pitch compelling and resonate with the target audience?
  2. Project Update for a Software Development Team: As the project manager for our software development team, I need to provide an update on the status of our latest project—an e-commerce platform for a fashion brand. What should be the main objectives of this presentation, and which content areas should I focus on to effectively communicate progress, challenges, and next steps?
  3. Training Session on Cybersecurity Practices: I'm conducting a company-wide training session on cybersecurity practices to help employees recognize and prevent cyber threats. What are the key goals for this training session, and what essential content should I cover to ensure employees understand best practices for cybersecurity?
  4. Business Proposal for Opening a New Restaurant: I'm pitching a business proposal to potential investors for opening a new farm-to-table restaurant in the heart of the city. What are the primary goals I should achieve with this presentation, and what specific content should I include to highlight the unique value proposition and potential profitability of the restaurant?
  5. Sales Presentation for a Digital Marketing Agency: As a sales representative for a digital marketing agency, I'm delivering a sales presentation to prospective clients in the real estate industry. What should be my primary objectives for the presentation, and what content areas are essential to persuasively showcase our agency's expertise and success in digital marketing?
  6. Educational Lecture on Climate Change and Renewable Energy: I'm giving an educational lecture at a university on the topic of climate change and the importance of renewable energy sources. What should be the main goals of this lecture, and what key content areas should I focus on to educate the audience about the current climate crisis and the potential of renewable energy?
  7. Company Overview for New Hires: As the HR manager, I need to present a company overview to new hires during their onboarding process. What should be the main goals of this presentation, and what content areas are important for providing a comprehensive overview of the company's mission, values, culture, and key products or services?
  8. Product Launch for a Sustainable Clothing Line: I'm preparing a presentation for the launch of our new sustainable clothing line that uses eco-friendly materials. What should be the key objectives of the presentation, and which content areas are critical for introducing the product line and its benefits to both the environment and consumers?
  9. Financial Report for a Tech Startup: As the CFO of a tech startup, I'm presenting a financial report to the company's board of directors, summarizing our financial performance over the last quarter. What are the primary goals I need to achieve with this presentation, and what specific content areas should I include for a clear and concise financial overview?
  10. Conference Presentation on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: I'm giving a presentation at a medical technology conference on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in healthcare. What should be the main goals for this presentation, and what key content areas should I cover to engage and inform the audience about the transformative potential of AI in medical diagnosis and treatment?

Step 2: Get specific 🎯🔍

Craft Specific and Targeted Prompts ChatGPT is a highly versatile language model, but the key to getting valuable responses lies in crafting specific and targeted prompts. For example, if you're working on a slide about customer retention strategies, you might prompt ChatGPT with "List five effective customer retention strategies for e-commerce businesses." Being specific helps ChatGPT understand the context and provide responses that align with your presentation goals.

Ten ChatGPT Prompts that get really, really specific

  1. E-Commerce Business Focused on Eco-Friendly Products: As the marketing manager for "GreenShop," an e-commerce business that sells eco-friendly products, I'm working on a slide about customer retention strategies. Please list five effective customer retention strategies that align with our brand values and cater to our environmentally-conscious customer base.
  2. SaaS Company Offering CRM Solutions: I'm the sales director for "TechConnect," a SaaS company that offers CRM solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. I need to address customer retention in our upcoming team meeting. Can you provide five customer retention strategies that would resonate with our B2B clients and foster long-term relationships?
  3. Subscription Box Service for Pet Supplies: As the founder of "PetPals," a subscription box service for pet supplies, I'm preparing a presentation for investors that includes a slide on customer retention. Could you list five customer retention strategies that would appeal to our pet-loving subscribers and keep them engaged with our monthly boxes?
  4. Luxury Travel Agency Specializing in Exotic Destinations: I'm the operations manager of "WanderLuxe," a luxury travel agency specializing in exotic destinations. Our team is brainstorming customer retention strategies for our high-end clientele. Please provide five effective strategies that would enhance our customers' travel experience and encourage repeat bookings.
  5. Online Language Learning Platform: As the head of customer success for "Polyglot," an online language learning platform, I'm working on a presentation about improving customer retention rates. Can you list five customer retention strategies that would motivate language learners to continue using our platform and achieve their language goals?
  6. Fitness Studio Offering Virtual and In-Person Classes: I'm the owner of "FitFusion," a fitness studio that offers both virtual and in-person classes. We want to retain our diverse membership base. Please provide five customer retention strategies that cater to the varying preferences of our members, whether they prefer online classes or in-person workouts.
  7. Organic Skincare Brand with a Focus on Sustainability: As the product manager for "EcoGlow," an organic skincare brand with a focus on sustainability, I'm putting together a presentation for our marketing team. We want to ensure that our eco-friendly customers stay loyal to our brand. Could you suggest five customer retention strategies that highlight our commitment to sustainability and resonate with our target audience?
  8. Online Education Platform for Professional Development: I'm the chief marketing officer for "SkillMaster," an online education platform that offers professional development courses. We want to increase our customer retention rate among working professionals seeking career growth. Please list five customer retention strategies that emphasize the value of our courses and incentivize continuous learning on our platform.
  9. Boutique Fashion Retailer with a Unique Bohemian Style: As the general manager of "BohoChic," a boutique fashion retailer with a unique bohemian style, I'm preparing a slide for our quarterly business review. We're looking to retain our fashion-forward customers who love our distinct style. Can you provide five customer retention strategies that celebrate our brand's uniqueness and encourage repeat purchases from our trendy shoppers?
  10. Online Grocery Delivery Service Catering to Busy Urbanites: I'm the operations lead for "FreshDeliver," an online grocery delivery service catering to busy urbanites. We want to ensure that our customers continue to rely on our convenient grocery delivery services. Please suggest five customer retention strategies that highlight our commitment to quality, convenience, and personalized customer care.

In each of these scenarios, the prompts are crafted to provide specific context and background information about the business, its target audience, and the purpose of the presentation. By doing so, the prompts are designed to yield targeted and relevant responses that align with the unique goals and context of each business.

Step 3: Integrate the ideas 🧩🧠

Integrate ChatGPT Responses into Your Slides Once you've received responses from ChatGPT, it's time to integrate them into your slides. Remember, ChatGPT-generated content is meant to supplement your presentation, not replace your own insights and expertise. Be sure to review and edit the responses as needed to ensure they fit your presentation style and audience. Feel free to combine, rephrase, or expand on ChatGPT's suggestions to create the perfect slide content.

Step 4: Refine and iterate 🔄🤝

Refine and Iterate as Needed As with any tool, it might take a bit of trial and error to get the most out of ChatGPT. Don't hesitate to iterate and refine your prompts if you're not getting the desired results. You can also experiment with different prompt styles, such as open-ended questions or specific scenarios, to explore a wider range of content possibilities.

One thing I really like to do is challenge ChatGPT to act as a famous person. Imagine getting feedback from Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs on your PowerPoint presentation! 

Twenty Ways to Prompt ChatGPT to act as a famous person

Steve Jobs as a cat
  1. "Act as Albert Einstein and share your thoughts on the importance of creativity and imagination in problem-solving."
  2. "Act as Steve Jobs and provide advice to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to innovate and disrupt industries."
  3. "Act as Marie Curie and discuss the challenges and rewards of being a pioneering scientist in your field."
  4. "Act as Warren Buffett and offer investment tips for individuals seeking long-term financial success."
  5. "Act as Martin Luther King Jr. and inspire people to take action for social justice and equality."
  6. "Act as Leonardo da Vinci and reflect on the connection between art and science in your work."
  7. "Act as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and advocate for the significance of gender equality in the legal system."
  8. "Act as Nikola Tesla and explain your vision for harnessing and distributing electrical energy for the benefit of humanity."
  9. "Act as Oprah Winfrey and share your philosophy on personal growth, resilience, and living a purpose-driven life."
  10. "Act as Maya Angelou and express the power of words and poetry in giving voice to the human experience."
  11. "Act as Mahatma Gandhi and share your philosophy on nonviolent resistance and its role in social change."
  12. "Act as Isaac Newton and discuss the importance of curiosity and inquiry in the pursuit of scientific discovery."
  13. "Act as Eleanor Roosevelt and advocate for the fundamental rights and dignity of all individuals."
  14. "Act as Winston Churchill and inspire people to remain resilient and hopeful during challenging times."
  15. "Act as Carl Sagan and explain the significance of exploring the cosmos and understanding our place in the universe."
  16. "Act as Benjamin Franklin and provide practical advice on personal development and self-improvement."
  17. "Act as Stephen Hawking and share your perspective on the mysteries of the universe and the nature of time."
  18. "Act as Jane Goodall and express your passion for conservation and the interconnectedness of all living beings."
  19. "Act as Nelson Mandela and encourage individuals to work towards reconciliation and unity in a divided society."
  20. "Act as Bill Gates and offer insights on the transformative potential of technology in addressing global challenges."

Step 5: Get ideas for speaker notes 📝🗣️

Enhance Your Presentation Delivery ChatGPT can also assist with the delivery of your presentation. Looking for a captivating opening statement or a strong closing remark? ChatGPT can help generate ideas that you can use to engage your audience from start to finish. It's a great way to add that extra polish and leave a lasting impression on your listeners.

Ten Prompts to kick start your opening and closing statements

  1. Opening Statement for a Sales Presentation to Potential Investors: I'm pitching our innovative smart home technology to potential investors. I want to start the presentation with a captivating opening statement. What would be a strong and impactful way to begin the presentation and grab the investors' attention?
  2. Closing Remark for a Marketing Strategy Presentation to the Executive Team: I'm presenting our new digital marketing strategy to the executive team. I want to end the presentation with a memorable closing remark that reinforces the value of our strategy. Can you help me craft a powerful closing statement that leaves a lasting impression?
  3. Opening Statement for a Product Launch Presentation to the Media: I'm unveiling our latest fitness wearable at a press event. I need an engaging opening statement that sets the tone for the product launch and excites the media. What could be an intriguing way to start the presentation?
  4. Closing Remark for a Nonprofit Fundraising Presentation to Donors: I'm concluding a presentation to potential donors about our nonprofit's efforts to combat climate change. I want a compelling closing remark that encourages donations and emphasizes the urgency of our mission. How can I effectively drive home our message at the end of the presentation?
  5. Opening Statement for an Employee Town Hall Meeting on Company Growth: I'm leading a town hall meeting for employees to discuss our company's growth and future plans. I want to start with an uplifting opening statement that energizes the team. Can you help me create an opening that sets a positive and motivating tone?
  6. Closing Remark for a Training Session on Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: I'm wrapping up a training session on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I want to leave the participants with an impactful closing remark that reinforces the importance of an inclusive culture. How can I create a strong closing that resonates with the attendees?
  7. Opening Statement for a Presentation to Clients on New Service Offerings: I'm presenting our new service offerings to clients. I want to begin the presentation with a captivating opening statement that showcases the value of our services. What would be an attention-grabbing way to start the presentation?
  8. Closing Remark for a Research Presentation at an Academic Conference: I'm concluding my research presentation on artificial intelligence at an academic conference. I want a thought-provoking closing remark that invites further discussion and collaboration. Can you help me craft a closing statement that piques the curiosity of my fellow researchers?
  9. Opening Statement for a Health and Wellness Seminar to the Community: I'm kicking off a health and wellness seminar for community members. I need an inviting opening statement that sets the stage for the seminar and encourages participation. How can I create an opening that makes the audience feel welcome and engaged?
  10. Closing Remark for a Financial Analysis Presentation to the Board of Directors: I'm concluding a financial analysis presentation to the board of directors. I want a confident closing remark that highlights our strong financial position and future prospects. How can I create a closing that reassures the board and instills confidence?


Unleash the Power of ChatGPT in PowerPoint. There you have it! By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to leveraging ChatGPT in your PowerPoint presentations. Whether you're a seasoned presenter or just getting started, ChatGPT can be an invaluable ally in creating compelling and effective presentations. So go ahead, give it a try, and watch your PowerPoint skills soar to new heights!

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Business presentation designer, marketing manager, and goldendoodle dad.
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