What Top Presentation Design Agency Blogs Can Teach You

Want to improve your presentation design skills and be more productive? These are my favorite presentation design agency blogs to help you accomplish exactly that!
What Top Presentation Design Agency Blogs Can Teach You
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As a business presentation designer, I'm always looking for ways to take my presentations to the next level and create something truly impactful. One of the principles in the PowerPoint Picasso Manifesto is to learn from the best and never stop.

One of the best ways to learn is by studying the work of others in the Presentation Design niche. I'm calling it a niche and not an industry because it is relatively small compared to the thousands of general ad agencies or consultancies.

Improve your presentation design craft by studying the best in the biz. 

If you have to create presentations for work or school, consider bookmarking some of these presentation design agency blogs before you start working on your next one. I have all of these blogs bookmarked because I love seeing what other presentation designers are doing.

Here are my favorites ❤️


Presentation & Communication Blog | Duarte
Discover the latest news and insights from Duarte, covering all aspects of communications, presenting and public speaking.

Duarte is an absolute beast when it comes to presentation design. For example, they created the original presentation for former Vice President Al Gore and his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Think about that for a moment. Incredible.

Their blog is a wealth of information on creating presentations that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. The Duarte Blog will have something for you, from design and storytelling to delivery and strategy.


Presentation blog | BrightCarbon
100s of articles on visual presentations, PowerPoint, eLearning, presentation skills, visual communication, and the presentation design industry.

How could I not mention BrightCarbon, the creator of one of my favorite PowerPoint Add-ins? BrightCarbon is a presentation design agency specializing in creating interactive and engaging presentations using PowerPoint, Prezi, and Google Slides. Whatever their client needs, they will make it work.

Their blog is full of practical tips and tutorials on creating compelling presentations, and they also provide reviews and comparisons of different presentation software tools.


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Ethos3 Presentation Design Blog

Ethos3 is another presentation design agency with a blog packed with super valuable tips and insights. They cover everything from design and storytelling to delivery and public speaking. They also offer case studies that provide insights into how other businesses and organizations use presentations to achieve their goals.


Blog | SlideRabbit
How to Use AI Design Tools to Create Better Presentations Faster Like everyone, the SlideRabbit team is getting excited about the new AI design tools emerging and how they might […]

While I haven't worked directly with SlideRabbit, I have seen some of the work they've done for teams I work with. I'm a big fan! Their blog covers a wide range of topics related to presentation design, including storytelling, design, and technology.

The Presentation Company

TPC Blog - Award-Winning Training & Coaching | The Presentation Company
Become an expert presenter. Read TPC’s blog for the latest trends and helpful articles about business storytelling.

The founders of this agency literally wrote my favorite presentation design book of 2022, and it's something I recommend to everyone.

From my presentation design workshop for OSU

They specialize in creating custom presentations for businesses and organizations. Their blog is packed with valuable insights into design, storytelling, and public speaking, and they also offer resources like webinars and whitepapers.

Buffalo 7  

Presentation Blog | Presentation Tips and Advice | Buffalo 7
If you’ve got a presentation question or you’re just a fellow nerd, our library of presentation blogs is exactly where you need to be.

Buffalo 7 is a UK-based presentation design agency, and their blog is another excellent resource for anyone looking to up their presentation game. They cover a wide range of topics, including design, storytelling, and technology, and they also offer presentation tips for specific industries like finance, healthcare, and technology.

The Presentation Designer

Learn PowerPoint | The Presentation Designer Blog
Want to learn PowerPoint design? Our blog includes tips, advice and insights into creating more effective PowerPoint presentation designs.

The Presentation Designer is a presentation design agency that specializes in creating custom PowerPoint presentations. Like all the others on this list, their blog is another excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their presentation skills. They cover topics like design, storytelling, and public speaking.


As a leading presentation design firm, we have a lot to say about the business of telling other people’s stories. Visit our blog for insight, tips and more!

SlideGenius is a presentation design agency that helps businesses and organizations create presentations that drive results. Their blog is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their presentation skills, and they cover topics like design, storytelling, and public speaking.


SlideHeroes Blog: Presentation Training
The SlideHeroes Blog: A treasure trove of presentation how-to’s, design tips, structure advice & data visualization ideas.

This is a blog I stumbled over five years ago and forever changed how I think about presentation and business. Michael Smith is the founder and comes from a business background in consulting and finance. WhYou'llind on his blog how to create consulting-style presentations more than on-stage keynote presentations.

This isn't a presentation design agency; it's a presentation training course. However, the blog is so good that I had to add it to the list for you!


Learn the best practices from these blogs, and you can increase your productivity in PowerPoint and presentation design more generally.

I hope this list has been helpful, and I wish you all the best in your presentation design journey! Is there any other blog that should be included in this list? Let me know!

Written by
Tom Tran
Business presentation designer, marketing manager, and goldendoodle dad.
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