From Entrepreneurs to Environmentalists: 13 Types of PowerPoint Users and What They Look for

In this blog post, we explore the diverse world of PowerPoint presentations and the unique needs of 13 different user groups.
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Welcome to my latest blog post, where I delve into the fascinating world of PowerPoint presentations and their diverse range of users. From brand managers to environmentalists, professionals from various fields rely on PowerPoint to communicate their unique ideas and messages.

In this post, I'll introduce you to 13 different types of PowerPoint users and their distinct presentation needs, offering valuable insights to help them create compelling and visually stunning presentations.

So, whether you're an educator, an entrepreneur, or a public speaker, read on to discover the specific requirements and preferences of your fellow PowerPoint enthusiasts.

🍔 The Brand Manager

This segment includes professionals in the brand management org of a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) or Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company. Think PepsiCo, Nestle, or Unilever. They are "brand managers," but if they're more senior, their title might be VP or Director of Marketing.

This group owns the P&L for their brand and is likely working with you to prepare a slide deck to present to their buyer. They will pitch the buyer on their latest product innovations, whether it's form, flavor, packaging, or something else. A win for the brand manager is if the buyer accepts all of the brand's new SKUs and distributes it nationally across all their retail stores.

💼 The Future CEO

This segment includes ambitious professionals looking to advance their careers in the corporate world. Their need is to create presentations that showcase their ideas and accomplishments.

The opportunity to shine for this segment is during all-hands company town halls, where the most exciting projects and wins are celebrated. A perfect presentation would tell the story of a seemingly impossible mission, a team that never gave up, and a victory that got picked up by the WSJ and the NY Times.

🏥 The Doctor

This segment includes healthcare professionals who need to create presentations that communicate complex medical information to patients and colleagues. They need to create presentations that are easy to understand while still being comprehensive.

They often present to their peers at specific conferences (American Association for Dental, Oral, and Craniofacial Research, anyone?). They need medical-specific templates and advice to help these doctors simplify their very complicated and dense medical slides into something visually appealing.

🚀 The Sales Professional

This segment includes salespeople and business development professionals who need to create presentations that showcase their products and services compellingly and persuasively. They need to develop presentations highlighting the benefits of their products and services and drive sales.

This group is ultimately measured on the revenue they deliver, and the presentation will play a critical role in persuading their buyer.

📣 The Public Speaker

This segment includes professionals who regularly speak at conferences, events, and other public forums. Their need is to create visually engaging presentations and support their message. This kind of presentation should entertain and delight the audience. TED talks are an example of the type of presentation the public speaker will want.

🎓 The Educator

This segment includes teachers, trainers, and educators who need to create engaging presentations for their students. They need to create presentations that are easy to follow and visually appealing.

Presentation designers can offer education-specific templates like timelines, infographics, and maps. They can also provide interactive elements like quizzes and animations to make the presentations more engaging. The goal is to teach, meaning handouts and interactivity during the presentation will play a key role.

💡 The Innovator

This segment includes startups and entrepreneurs who need to create presentations that showcase their innovative ideas. Their need is to create presentations that are creative and visually impactful.

PowerPoint Presentation designers can offer design services focusing on innovation, such as incorporating 3D elements and virtual reality to make the presentations more engaging. The innovator will be dreaming big and asking people to take a journey to see what the possibilities could be. This presentation should have a "wow" factor.

📈 The Entrepreneur

This segment includes small business owners and startup founders who need to create presentations that showcase their business plans and strategies. Their need is to create presentations that are persuasive and visually compelling.

Presentation designers can offer business-specific templates and services, such as using infographics and charts to display financial data and incorporating clear visuals to convey business concepts. The entrepreneur might be presenting to their board or pitching new investors.

📊 The Data Analyst:

This segment includes professionals who work with data and need to present their findings in a way that is easy to understand. They need to create presentations highlighting the data while keeping it simple. This segment delivers its analysis and recommendations to executives and other key decision-makers.

Presentation designers can offer data visualization templates and services that can turn complex data into easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

🌍 The Global Thinker

This segment includes businesses and professionals who work across different countries and cultures. Their need is to create presentations that are culturally appropriate and inclusive. PowerPoint Presentation designers can offer templates and services that cater to different cultures' nuances and sensitivities, such as different colors, fonts, and design elements.

This segment usually comprises former business or government leaders in the third or fourth act of their long and incredibly successful careers. They are thinking about the legacy that they want to leave.

🎥 The Video Producer or Filmmaker

This segment includes professionals who create videos and need to create visually appealing slides to complement their video content. They need to create presentations that are visually dynamic and engaging. Producers will pitch their show to entertainment industry executives to get their project funded or to get marketing dollars to drive the film/series' viewership.

Presentation designers can offer video-specific templates and services and ensure a good balance between highlighting clips from series/films and explaining the themes, characters, and recommended marketing strategy.

🌟 The Influencer

This segment includes social media influencers and content creators who must create presentations showcasing their brand and content. They need to create visually appealing presentations and showcase their unique personality and style. These influencers will want to pitch brand deals and brand integrations. They will want to excite brands and show them how the audience they've built perfectly aligns with the brand's target consumer segment.

Presentation designers will need to work closely with the influencer to show how they are a perfect match for the brand and how the proposed influencer package will deliver business results that will move the needle.

🌱 The Environmentalist

This segment is made up of professionals and experts who prioritize protecting the environment. This group is growing quickly and will want to demonstrate that their company is eco-friendly and committed to sustainability. They may also talk about more general "ESG," which stands for environmental, social, and governance.

Presentation designers need to work closely with these professionals to showcase how the company or organization's new environmental initiatives will benefit people and society.

✅ Conclusion

As I come to the end of my exploration into the world of PowerPoint users, it's clear that the platform caters to a wide variety of professionals and their unique presentation needs.

From showcasing innovative ideas to simplifying complex medical information, PowerPoint serves as an essential tool for communication, education, and persuasion. By understanding the specific needs of each user group, presentation designers can create tailored solutions that resonate with their target audiences, making every PowerPoint presentation a memorable and impactful experience.

So, the next time you fire up PowerPoint to craft your next masterpiece, remember that you're part of a diverse and vibrant community, all united by the shared goal of delivering captivating presentations that inspire, educate, and empower.

Written by
Tom Tran
Business presentation designer, marketing manager, and goldendoodle dad.
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