7 Ways to Get More From ChatGPT For Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

Get the most from ChatGPT for your next presentation with 7 tips. Give ChatGPT context, ask follow-up questions, start a new chat for each topic, chunk your requests, simplify answers, and understand ChatGPT's chain of thought. Always start with the end in mind.
7 Ways to Get More From ChatGPT For Your Next PowerPoint Presentation
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There's the average way to use ChatGPT. Then there's the optimal way to use ChatGPT. In this blog post, I will give you seven specific tips on how to get the most from ChatGPT as you build your next presentation.

No, ChatGPT still won't be able to design your slides for you (as far as I know), but it can be the most incredible research assistant and save you hours of work so that you can focus on the more human/creative elements of your deck.

Give ChatGPT context and a persona

You want to give ChatGPT a frame of reference or a persona. So instead of just diving into a new chat asking ChatGPT to "Give me top wineries in Sonoma county."

Simple query without context

Instead, try, "You are a top Sonoma wine country tour guide. Give me a weekend itinerary for four adults."

The results are much better.

In both cases, the intent is to find things to do in Sonoma county. The first question focuses on just the wineries. The second question is more about options and an itinerary. Giving ChatGPT a persona to work from always translates into a better answer.

Ask follow-up questions

This one might already come more naturally because of the chat interface and how you interact with ChatGPT. Try asking follow-up questions so that you get more detail. Type, "Can you tell me more about..."

Ask to simplify answers

You likely know much more than your audience. And it's very easy to get caught up in the details and the subject at hand. For example, I was once preparing a presentation on digital marketing with Google Ads. I was so in the details thinking about custom scripts to optimize CTAs that I realized I had to reframe the storyline if I wanted my audience to be able to follow along.

This is where this prompt comes in handy. Ask ChatGPT to "Explain like I'm five," and you'll get a metaphor or an easier-to-follow example in a similar context.

Very hard to understand for an audience new to the topic

Now prompted differently, it is much easier to follow.

A much more approachable explanation

Start a new chat for each new topic.

If I follow the previous chat and ask out of context, "Is Pikachu better than Mario?" the answer ChatGPT gives is decent.

A decent answer

But the answer is much more insightful if I start a new chat with some context and a persona.

A superior answer

The second answer has information that could be incorporated into the speaker notes and even used as the basis for a slide within the PowerPoint presentation.

Chunk it out

This means breaking out the request into smaller, more manageable questions. For example, instead of asking ChatGPT to write a 1000-word essay on why Red Bull is the most well-marketed brand, first, ask for an outline. Then, tell ChatGPT to expand on each section.

Red Bull is widely regarded as one of the most well-marketed brands in the world, and with good reason. The company has successfully built a global brand through creative marketing techniques that have captured the attention of consumers around the world. In this essay, we will examine the key reasons why Red Bull is the most well-marketed brand.
One of the key factors that make Red Bull so well marketed is its unique brand positioning. Unlike many other soft drink and energy drink companies that focus on the product's taste or health benefits, Red Bull positions itself as a lifestyle brand that represents adventure, excitement, and extreme sports. The company has consistently sponsored extreme sports events, such as cliff diving, freestyle motocross, and snowboarding competitions, which are aligned with its brand values. This has helped to build an emotional connection with consumers who identify with the brand's adventurous spirit and aspirational lifestyle.
Another key factor in Red Bull's success is its use of experiential marketing. The company has built its brand through events that engage consumers and create a memorable experience. Red Bull's events range from music festivals to extreme sports competitions to art installations, and each event is carefully designed to showcase the brand's core values. By creating these experiences, Red Bull has built a loyal fan base that actively seeks out its events and products.
One of the most famous examples of Red Bull's experiential marketing is the Red Bull Stratos project, which saw Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner jump from a helium balloon at the edge of space. The jump was broadcast live around the world, and it generated enormous media attention for the brand. This event showcased Red Bull's commitment to adventure and pushing the limits of what is possible, while also creating a memorable moment that consumers would associate with the brand.
Red Bull has also been successful in leveraging social media to reach its target audience. The company has a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where it shares content related to its brand values and events. Red Bull has also created a digital media platform, Red Bull Media House, which produces content related to adventure sports, music, and culture. This content is distributed across social media channels, as well as on Red Bull's website, creating a cohesive brand experience for consumers.
In addition to social media, Red Bull has also used traditional advertising to build its brand. However, the company has taken a unique approach to advertising that sets it apart from other brands. Red Bull's advertising is often based on storytelling, rather than simply promoting the product. The company's advertisements tell stories of extreme sports athletes, musicians, and other individuals who embody the brand's values of adventure and pushing boundaries. By telling these stories, Red Bull has created an emotional connection with consumers that goes beyond the product itself.
Red Bull's commitment to innovation has also played a key role in its success. The company has constantly pushed the boundaries of what is possible in terms of product design, marketing techniques, and event creation. For example, Red Bull's can design is instantly recognizable, with its distinctive blue and silver color scheme and bold logo. The company has also created unique marketing campaigns, such as the Red Bull Flugtag, where participants build homemade flying machines and attempt to fly them off a platform over water. These innovative approaches to marketing have helped Red Bull to stand out in a crowded market and build a strong brand identity.
Finally, Red Bull's global reach is another factor that has contributed to its success. The company has a presence in over 170 countries, and it has created a consistent brand experience across all markets. This has been achieved through careful localization of marketing campaigns and events, as well as through the use of brand ambassadors in each market. Red Bull's global reach has allowed it to build a massive audience, with millions of consumers around the world who identify with the brand's values and lifestyle.
In conclusion, Red Bull's success as a well-marketed brand can be attributed to a combination of factors, including its unique brand positioning, experiential marketing, social media presence, storytelling approach to advertising, commitment to innovation, and global reach. By focusing on creating a brand that represents adventure, excitement, and extreme sports, Red Bull has built an emotional connection with consumers that goes beyond the product itself. The company's commitment to innovation and constant push for new and creative marketing techniques has helped it to stand out in a crowded market and build a global brand that is instantly recognizable. Red Bull's success serves as a valuable lesson for other brands looking to build a strong brand identity and connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Honestly, it's not bad. However, you can have more granular control and more ideas to work with if you first ask for an outline. Then, you could either have ChatGPT build on each concept in the outline or use the outline as inspiration for the story/argument you put together.

Below is the outline:

I. Introduction

  • Briefly introduce Red Bull as a brand and its popularity
  • Thesis statement: Red Bull is the most well-marketed brand due to its innovative marketing strategies, successful sponsorship deals, and strong brand image.

II. Innovative Marketing Strategies

  • Discuss Red Bull's use of experiential marketing, such as the creation of the Red Bull Flugtag and Red Bull Stratos
  • Explain how Red Bull's social media marketing has helped the brand reach a wider audience
  • Provide examples of Red Bull's successful marketing campaigns, such as the "Red Bull Gives You Wings" campaign

III. Successful Sponsorship Deals

  • Explain how Red Bull's sponsorship deals with extreme sports events and athletes have helped the brand connect with its target audience
  • Discuss Red Bull's sponsorship of music festivals and events and how it has helped to build the brand's image as a lifestyle brand
  • Provide examples of Red Bull's successful sponsorship deals, such as its partnership with Formula 1 racing

IV. Strong Brand Image

  • Discuss how Red Bull's consistent branding across all its marketing efforts has helped to build a strong brand image
  • Explain how Red Bull has positioned itself as a premium energy drink brand
  • Provide examples of Red Bull's successful brand image, such as the iconic blue and silver can design

V. Counterarguments

  • Address potential counterarguments, such as the saturation of the energy drink market and competition from other brands
  • Explain how Red Bull has continued to innovate and adapt its marketing strategies to remain relevant
  • Provide examples of how Red Bull has successfully differentiated itself from competitors

VI. Conclusion

  • Summarize the main points of the essay, highlighting Red Bull's innovative marketing strategies, successful sponsorship deals, and strong brand image
  • Restate the thesis statement and explain why Red Bull is the most well-marketed brand
  • End with a final thought on the importance of marketing for building a successful brand.

Chain of Thought

Here's another hack to help you get deeper into your presentation ideation and brainstorming step. Type "explain your chain of thought, step by step ." This will give you a step-by-step guide to how ChatGPT approached the problem you presented. In addition, it will help you see if you missed any steps in your thinking if you are trying to do a similar task.

Basic request with context and persona

Start with the end in mind

This tip is a bit more general but very important. First, think about what exactly you hope to get back from ChatGPT before you start typing. This will help you frame up the question or dialog in a way that will solicit a helpful answer.

It's no different from asking a coworker to cover for you when you're out of the office on vacation. For the coworker to do this, you'll have to give them enough background and context so that they know how to approach the tasks they'll take on in your absence. So, again, it's not that different when using ChatGPT.

A prompt for a creative product innovation brainstorm


I'm still blown away by ChatGPT and the things it can do. What other tips and tricks should I try?

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